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India Travel and Photography Tip

I Can't think of any where else in the world that is Colorful , Diverse and unique as India.

For many years, stereotypes was made me avoid this country...

One day i was Sitting at home, watching National Geographic Movie about Bangel Tigers, that can only be found in nature today in India.

Then the decision was made...

Make a long story short , this year will be my forth visit in India , Leading photographers to this magical country.

The area I'm Focusing on is the state of Rajshastan.

The Benefits of this area :

1) many attractions within a reasonable distance from each other.

2) colorful dresses , happy and friendly people.

3)great food and whteater is you go on the right dates..

4)BEST Tiger National park - Rhantambor.

Taj Mahal at sunset

Must Touriests Land in Delhi International airport.

From there they are making a Triangle :

Delhi - Big city with amazing temples and markets.

Agra - The Taj Mahal City.

Jaipur = Amazing city with Markets , Forts and Temples.

This rout make sense , but on the way there is a lot of Natural Gems ,that must tourists Skip.

Here is the rought i would recommend for Rajashtan.

Delhi :

I Usually Spend 1 day in Delhi.

Mainly in the Colorful markets - Spice Market , Fabric Market etc..

they are all connected...

Use a RIksha to walk carefully throw the markets.

The Market road Start at the "Red Fort" that can also be visited.

The cart is Full of temples and gardens if you have more time...

Agra :

The road from Delhi to agra is a new Highway.. It takes about 3 hours to get to Agra.

The Main attraction is of course Taj-Mahal.

Highly recommended to get to the Taj-Mahal before sunrise, then you get the best light ,and avoiding the Flock of tourists.

After the Taj , Visit Agra Fort , garden across the Taj , and the Baby Taj.

Near the River there is a "Laundry" . a lot of people watching colorful fabrics in the water.

Before sunset , if you want get a unique view , go back to the taj , before the entrance , turn right and walk for about 500 Meters down to the river.

there is Fisherman that if you pay him a bit , he will take you to a short stroll in his Boat , get a unique reflection of the Taj Mahal In the river , with a great sunset colors.

Baharatpur :

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